Cannabis and the Disposable Lifestyle
By Tom the Folksinger

As environmentally aware people we understand that the concept of “disposable” is a lie. Everything has a source and everything has an ultimate disposition. These sources are often finite. Our capacity to dispose of these things is also finite. We should just dispose of all the disposables we consume. Unfortunately, our civilization seems to run on them. Cups, cards, tabs, receipts, diapers and towels keep us organized and healthy. We just can’t live without them.
In a strictly literal sense one would not die for lack of toilet paper. Life would just be a little smellier and everyone would have to upgrade to 6” sanitary drains. My kitchen is more sanitary because I am free in my use of paper towels. The first generation of disposable diaper was toxic bombs in a landfill but you didn’t have to handle shit. Handling a baby is bad enough with out having to shake out turds/ caked lumps and dipping in the commode to get enough fecal matter off so the cloth could be washed without contaminating the rest of the laundry. Even hippies use disposables after their first child. Change back? Not gonna happen.
Compound this by the simple inclusion of everything’s packaging. Suddenly bright isles of brand names on display look like a macabre gallery of dead trees with the wrappers shining suspiciously like the sheen of an oil slick. Your healthy life style won’t save you. You can’t recycle an Emergen-C package. Why do things have to be this way?
They don’t. That is to say, those things don’t have to be this way. Let’s not be coy about it. I gave away the answer in the title. I propose to replace nearly the entire spectrum of disposables with Cannabis. Our good old friend Cannabis Hemp can save your ass in a very real and literal sense.
Paper goods are the first and most obvious candidates for a Hemp intervention. Immediate visions of hemp paper towels that are scrubbing strong when wet and fully compostable. I long for the natural golden color of unbleached, three-ply, extra-absorbent hemp fluffy butt. Now, with Aloe! From shop towels to feminine hygiene products to the packaging itself, hemp paper provides immediate, sustainable solutions. Hemp oil plastics include everything from clear clamshell packaging tough enough to protect hiphop headphones from feral mall pouchers to cartrage bodies for every thing from coffee pods to printing ink. And every bit of it decomposes in contact with soil.
Yes, I will raise a toke to legal personal adult use. Yes, I will replace almost all of my perscriptions with good cannabis medicine. Then I will fill up with Bio-Willie and drive my Hemp-mobile into the Colorado sunset. It will be a glorious day.

Nehemiah Scudder, the “First Prophet” of the regime

They’re not running for president. They are running for First Prophet. Ted Cruz is running on a platform of the Body of Christ and a constitutional amendment to ban birth control. Mike Huckabee wants to use Federal Troops to prevent abortion. In both cases these positions are unabashedly “Biblical”. The penultimate war on women.

Cancer screenings, STD test kits, and other basic services are defunded with vehement charges of wantonness. Rape kits sit untested for years with out any sense of urgency or even qualm of guilt when questioned on the topic. Sex education is converted to a quasi-religious indoctrination know as Abstinence Only. When confronted with the numbers showing the abysmal failure of these programs supporters insist that anything else would be a sin. Sin? Where in the Constitution does it say any thing about sin?

In the story by Bob Heinlein “Revolt In 2100” the crazy times of the early 21st century were topped by an evangelical fervor and the rise if Nehemiah Scudder from televangelist to president and the conversion of America from a democracy to theocratic despotism. It takes over 70 years for the regime to get rotten enough for a rebellion to throw off the current Prophet. Ted Cruz seems to think he would look very fatherly doing his Fireside State of the Union every Sunday on every TV in America. David Barton would just love to take on the burden of Ministry of Education. Every school child will learn of the Noble Martyrdom of First Prophet Huckabee and the Glorious Ascension of Prophet Cruz. In Dallas, prophetically enough.

Bobby Jindal does not give two hoots about the health concerns of the women of his state one way or the other. He is selling one thing and that is fear. He serves it up as strait and strong as white mule from a bayou still. It seems to make no sense what so ever to debase the very population you represent. Another reason must lurk below the surface. This trail is short, and well papered with large piles of cash. The rewards of loyal service are generous and tasty. These rewards could easily include Ecclesiastic rank in the new regime. Supreme’ Bishop of New Orleans just has such a ring to it. The Heartening Message would tell every one to look not on the things of this earth.

It would not bear to look too closely at the things of this earth by that time. Golden smog banks would gently wrap our cities to protect us from the devastating UV now that the ozone layer has been blasted off.

The Friday Night Fires will be great. Witches and Atheists by the score will be roasted on genuine wood pyres. Be sure to use the anonymous toll free number to turn in you neighbors and friends.

The Atheist Drinking Team

Religions seem to need armies. Those with power and money would call for a Crusade. Brave men would flock to holy banners and blood would flow like rivers. Poor members of strong faiths will declare Jihad or form militias. One way or another, the word of righteousness would be imposed because this is about the god of love damnit! The urge to take someone’s life to make God happy seems to be one of the universal concepts the unite humanity. And then you get to Atheists.

Atheists have drinking teams. Not only do we not want to kill you, we want to buy you a drink. We think you should feel good and not feel threatened, and engage in some stimulating conversation. This may also include cigars, fried food and games. Team drinking is non-competitive and family friendly. We are drinking as a team so we try to see that everyone wins. The stimulating conversation plays the same way.”

There is not an argument the needs to be won. I am come to learn something new. Much of what people say to each other can get stale with repetition. Stimulating conversation allows people to examine the things they say to each other. We come together to take these concepts apart and check them for wear. Conversation is always dry work so drinks make up an important part of the sport. I want people to put me in a spot that makes me look something up. I may be wrong and I would like to know that.

If you play the game fairly and well you can get on the pro circuit. Ah. To get paid to drink with Dawkins or the Great Hitch. These are the guys who debate for points. To see Ray Kurtzwile in UAE at a conference on “Science and the Koran” telling the panel, “you’re wrong, there is no science in this book of nonsense” will really make you want to take a drink. It’ll make you feel like a game of darts so you have time to get you thought strait between rounds. It makes you wonder if we can get Bernie Sanders to appoint Ray as our ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia considers it a crime to insult religion. It is also a crime to insult the government. In Atheist Team Drinking any idea that cannot withstand a well-crafted insult is considered suspect. At this writing an atheist blogger has suffered lashes and is in a prison cell. A few days ago an educated and erudite man was hacked to death in Bangladesh. This does nothing for the validity of your idea.

This is why you cannot trust people who don’t drink.

Why I Would Write About My Depression In Public

Reporting as fact that I have depression. Not proud but not going to be ashamed of something that I really do put in the same category as my arthritis. Some days I have to walk with a stick and some days it’s a couple of tokes before traffic. Some days I accidentally post personal shit online because, as an artist, that was all I had. Now I get to pretend it’s actually a moral crusade and get the reader on my side in the heroic quest. I’m hoping for a movie deal with Oprah.

I test fairly high on the PTSD scale (no, you don’t get the story). There is that wonderful combination of tight as a rattlesnake and living the Matchbox Blues that I like to refer to as “fine”. My favorite martial art is forcing my monsters back into the closet without getting sucked in behind them and losing a couple of days or a week. At these times it is actually helpful when friends say stupid shit to cheer me up.
No, really. It’s fine. The fact that you would go to the trouble of actively trying to cheer me up helps. Most of the advice, not so much. You said something from your heart and I need that. You may capitalize “Need” in the instance. I go out of my way to say something nice and/or encouraging to my friends who express feelings of depression. It is also important to remind friends having difficulties that there is a difference between having depression and being surrounded by assholes.
Humans are social animals. That is how we evolved. Wilhelm Reich showed that we, as living beings, carry an active electro-magnetic field that works best when recharged by interacting with other fields. This explains Disco and Pets. Some times we just say “Howdy!” on the Internet. It costs me nothing to be nice and I need to practice my typing. I also practice smiling at everyone.
Smiling can be practiced as a martial art. When done well a smile can give total strangers little tiny orgasms. Involving the neural pathways of the cortex that create the smiling expression also engage the pathways that control the release of oxytocin. A fully involved smile stretches the cheek muscles and helps open the sinuses and eustation ducts. Your friends deserve it and it will drive your enemies crazy.
When you see me smiling know that I’m trying to give you a good and honest smile. If there is a country song playing somewhere that nobody can hear, let’s wait till we start drinking and you can go first. It’ll be a fine time.

Rip Van Winkle Wakes

-or- A Bad Case of the George Jones
I seem to have lost a couple of years here. A guitar player friend used to say, “I’m just nursing a broken heart”, but the was jut his excuse to drink. I just don’t drink that much. I just sat around and felt bad. Many will wonder if a bad case of the George Jones isn’t about sitting around drinking. The drinking is why Tammy left him in the first place. If you listen to the songs it is the sitting around feeling bad. These days we can talk about depressed states and grieving cycles but I can assure you it is a George Jones song.
I have begun to play my piano again. For just that moment I don’t think about the world. Eventually I’ll get back to the place where I was when I was finishing my class work. Shit just evaporates if you don’t keep it fresh. I have begun to play in public again after some years. I honestly can’t tell you when my last gig was. I go out to the plaza to play cowboy songs and it just breaks my heart. I do make money. Two or three hours and I can clear $20 or $30. I’m not going to do a lot of these appearances till August gives up the swelter. I know the gigs are there. I just have to shake of this cloud and do it. Just like people like to tell me when I’m depressed, “Cheer Up!”