The Atheist Drinking Team

Religions seem to need armies. Those with power and money would call for a Crusade. Brave men would flock to holy banners and blood would flow like rivers. Poor members of strong faiths will declare Jihad or form militias. One way or another, the word of righteousness would be imposed because this is about the god of love damnit! The urge to take someone’s life to make God happy seems to be one of the universal concepts the unite humanity. And then you get to Atheists.

Atheists have drinking teams. Not only do we not want to kill you, we want to buy you a drink. We think you should feel good and not feel threatened, and engage in some stimulating conversation. This may also include cigars, fried food and games. Team drinking is non-competitive and family friendly. We are drinking as a team so we try to see that everyone wins. The stimulating conversation plays the same way.”

There is not an argument the needs to be won. I am come to learn something new. Much of what people say to each other can get stale with repetition. Stimulating conversation allows people to examine the things they say to each other. We come together to take these concepts apart and check them for wear. Conversation is always dry work so drinks make up an important part of the sport. I want people to put me in a spot that makes me look something up. I may be wrong and I would like to know that.

If you play the game fairly and well you can get on the pro circuit. Ah. To get paid to drink with Dawkins or the Great Hitch. These are the guys who debate for points. To see Ray Kurtzwile in UAE at a conference on “Science and the Koran” telling the panel, “you’re wrong, there is no science in this book of nonsense” will really make you want to take a drink. It’ll make you feel like a game of darts so you have time to get you thought strait between rounds. It makes you wonder if we can get Bernie Sanders to appoint Ray as our ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia considers it a crime to insult religion. It is also a crime to insult the government. In Atheist Team Drinking any idea that cannot withstand a well-crafted insult is considered suspect. At this writing an atheist blogger has suffered lashes and is in a prison cell. A few days ago an educated and erudite man was hacked to death in Bangladesh. This does nothing for the validity of your idea.

This is why you cannot trust people who don’t drink.

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