Nehemiah Scudder, the “First Prophet” of the regime

They’re not running for president. They are running for First Prophet. Ted Cruz is running on a platform of the Body of Christ and a constitutional amendment to ban birth control. Mike Huckabee wants to use Federal Troops to prevent abortion. In both cases these positions are unabashedly “Biblical”. The penultimate war on women.

Cancer screenings, STD test kits, and other basic services are defunded with vehement charges of wantonness. Rape kits sit untested for years with out any sense of urgency or even qualm of guilt when questioned on the topic. Sex education is converted to a quasi-religious indoctrination know as Abstinence Only. When confronted with the numbers showing the abysmal failure of these programs supporters insist that anything else would be a sin. Sin? Where in the Constitution does it say any thing about sin?

In the story by Bob Heinlein “Revolt In 2100” the crazy times of the early 21st century were topped by an evangelical fervor and the rise if Nehemiah Scudder from televangelist to president and the conversion of America from a democracy to theocratic despotism. It takes over 70 years for the regime to get rotten enough for a rebellion to throw off the current Prophet. Ted Cruz seems to think he would look very fatherly doing his Fireside State of the Union every Sunday on every TV in America. David Barton would just love to take on the burden of Ministry of Education. Every school child will learn of the Noble Martyrdom of First Prophet Huckabee and the Glorious Ascension of Prophet Cruz. In Dallas, prophetically enough.

Bobby Jindal does not give two hoots about the health concerns of the women of his state one way or the other. He is selling one thing and that is fear. He serves it up as strait and strong as white mule from a bayou still. It seems to make no sense what so ever to debase the very population you represent. Another reason must lurk below the surface. This trail is short, and well papered with large piles of cash. The rewards of loyal service are generous and tasty. These rewards could easily include Ecclesiastic rank in the new regime. Supreme’ Bishop of New Orleans just has such a ring to it. The Heartening Message would tell every one to look not on the things of this earth.

It would not bear to look too closely at the things of this earth by that time. Golden smog banks would gently wrap our cities to protect us from the devastating UV now that the ozone layer has been blasted off.

The Friday Night Fires will be great. Witches and Atheists by the score will be roasted on genuine wood pyres. Be sure to use the anonymous toll free number to turn in you neighbors and friends.

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