Cannabis and the Disposable Lifestyle
By Tom the Folksinger

As environmentally aware people we understand that the concept of “disposable” is a lie. Everything has a source and everything has an ultimate disposition. These sources are often finite. Our capacity to dispose of these things is also finite. We should just dispose of all the disposables we consume. Unfortunately, our civilization seems to run on them. Cups, cards, tabs, receipts, diapers and towels keep us organized and healthy. We just can’t live without them.
In a strictly literal sense one would not die for lack of toilet paper. Life would just be a little smellier and everyone would have to upgrade to 6” sanitary drains. My kitchen is more sanitary because I am free in my use of paper towels. The first generation of disposable diaper was toxic bombs in a landfill but you didn’t have to handle shit. Handling a baby is bad enough with out having to shake out turds/ caked lumps and dipping in the commode to get enough fecal matter off so the cloth could be washed without contaminating the rest of the laundry. Even hippies use disposables after their first child. Change back? Not gonna happen.
Compound this by the simple inclusion of everything’s packaging. Suddenly bright isles of brand names on display look like a macabre gallery of dead trees with the wrappers shining suspiciously like the sheen of an oil slick. Your healthy life style won’t save you. You can’t recycle an Emergen-C package. Why do things have to be this way?
They don’t. That is to say, those things don’t have to be this way. Let’s not be coy about it. I gave away the answer in the title. I propose to replace nearly the entire spectrum of disposables with Cannabis. Our good old friend Cannabis Hemp can save your ass in a very real and literal sense.
Paper goods are the first and most obvious candidates for a Hemp intervention. Immediate visions of hemp paper towels that are scrubbing strong when wet and fully compostable. I long for the natural golden color of unbleached, three-ply, extra-absorbent hemp fluffy butt. Now, with Aloe! From shop towels to feminine hygiene products to the packaging itself, hemp paper provides immediate, sustainable solutions. Hemp oil plastics include everything from clear clamshell packaging tough enough to protect hiphop headphones from feral mall pouchers to cartrage bodies for every thing from coffee pods to printing ink. And every bit of it decomposes in contact with soil.
Yes, I will raise a toke to legal personal adult use. Yes, I will replace almost all of my perscriptions with good cannabis medicine. Then I will fill up with Bio-Willie and drive my Hemp-mobile into the Colorado sunset. It will be a glorious day.

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